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The Shaky Board is a new type of wind turbine that can be used to generate energy in a clean and economic way. The design has been awarded a UK Patent and a Utility Model in Denmark.

The idea is simple-enough, but I don't see it in the real world. For me, it is an old idea, but one that can be exploited.

Shaky Board in the environment.

Shaky Board in the environment.

Turbulence can be generated and enhanced with external poles.

Turbulence can be generated and enhanced.

A magnet oscillates in a coil to generate electric power.

An oscillating magnet generates electricity.


The turbine can work in a more turbulent and high energy environment, where the wind may be constantly active and changing. The opportunity is the fact that this environment is not being exploited by the current turbines, which cannot work under those conditions and so any energy production would be a 100% gain.

While the patent is accepted as a onshore device, it could run offshore as well and benefit from turbulent wave motion and by being hosted on floats.

Funding and Collaboration

The invention still needs to be fully developed and tested. An outright sale is also on offer.


The Shaky Board is a new type of wind turbine that works in a fundamentally different way.


It prefers turbulent conditions to a steady flow and  that can also be created artificially.


It generates electricity through oscillation, not the steady rotation of a traditional turbine.


It can be used in almost any environment with constant wind or water energy.

Let's Get in Touch

If you are interested and wish to collaborate, then please send me an email.

Water Floats

A more controversial design that uses floats in water can be found here.

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